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Can use all types of phones and ordering websites

Customize your menus and pictures online.

Let is step into the new generation with TNKAS system

The DIGI TD system is not simply a menu display to reduce printing costs, but an online ordering system like Lieferando. It is a system where you have complete control of the menu, change the interface of dish information, prices, and pictures in a flash. Customers who order you receive immediately via e-mail and on the website, no must pay % on each invoice. You can upgrade to WEBSEITE and order online is one. Customers ordering will receive notifications sent to email and whatsapp. We support connection with Instagramm, Facebook ... Google ...

Book, book a table online

Order on any device, assist you in receiving orders via email to help you better manage, personalized custom shipping (from postage, google map).

Master the menu

You are completely in control of your own menu interface with many beautiful interfaces, Instant menu editing, online menu via QRCODE, Webseite, Facebook or Instragram.

Kitchen printing support

The installation of LAN/Wifi printer or kitchen monitor helps kitchen staff receive order information remotely. Tnkas allows waiters to transfer orders to print individual dishes to different kitchens.

Multilingual menu

Whether in German, English or French,.. - offer your guests a menu in multiple languages.

Cut the cost

No need to design menus, help increase income, reduce working time for businesses.


Receive and return orders via WhatsApp

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